Lucky looter

Yes…it finally dropped. Actually, a lot of people would prolly laugh at me saying “finally”, as I have read reports of people having to kill Onyxia 160+ times. I read that the dropchance was slightly increased a few patches ago, but still… altogether, it took 61 kills across my 11 90s (of course, I didn’t count kills of the old lvl 60 version).

Fascinating moment too… I was just sitting there, doing my weekly “doublefarm-routine”: Harvesting and planting at the farm on each char, then flying to the Shrine, porting to Dal, porting to the Caverns of Time, flying to Gadgetzan, taking a gryph to Mudsprocket, fly over to the Lair, kill Onyxia, hearth back.

Once you have done it a few times, it gets quite fast. Anyway, I didn’t even CONSIDER it might drop. I went there with my shadow-priest (6th char of the 90s I do this with), and suddenly, there it was.
I love this mount, not only because it is one of the nicest looking dragon-mounts with unique colors and “decorations” (the fins etc.)… even though it didnt drop of “old Onyxia”, it sure has that classic vibe as it is related visually to one of THE most iconic raid bosses.

Anyway… sixty-one kills, so if you are farming for this mount too… don’t give up!!

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I am not quite sure why, but the more time passes after the announcement of WOD, the more I do look forward to it.
I am trying to restrain myself a bit, as high expectations can end up in a lot of disappointment (see what happened to many of us when Cataclysm was announced), but I do look forward to:

– The world of Draenor
– a grittier, more dangerous and gloomy vibe than Pandaria offered (yes, even with the whole Sha-story)
– Garrisons
– New spells and talents (it’s kinda fascinating that DKs will get some of the iconic Lich King-abilities, such as Defile and Necrotic Plague)
– Exploring the story and learning more about Draenor and its races
– The announcement about there being a LOT of paladin story in there
– Changes like gear auto-changing according to your spec (no more farming for 2-3 different armour sets, and a much lower treshold to get into new specs, like i.e. trying out tanking on the monk)
– …

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Soloing Razorgore The Untamed


I know that for quite a few players, this won’t be a huge revelation, but I know that there are probably still people who are farming for the elusive T2-paladin set (or any T2-set, which mostly drops in BWL). One of the problems is that ever since mid-WOTLK, Nefarian has a bigger loot-table. When Onyxia was upgraded from a level 60 to a level 80 boss, the loot from her table was moved to Nefarian… so, with a limited amount of items that drop per kill, an increased amount of POSSIBLE items that can be dropped means more luck is needed.

Of course, at lvl 90, the whole raid should be totally easy to solo, but let’s not forget that sometimes, there are mechanics that make it hard to solo a boss, no matter how much HP or DPS you have.

Razorgore, the very first boss, seems to be like that. There are eggs all over the room which you can only destroy by mind-controlling the boss (with an orb at the end of the room). If even only one egg is kept intact when the boss is killed, you will be insta-killed (along with any friend you bring).

When you MC the boss to kill those eggs, he will be aggroed by the adds that keep coming in, and if he dies, you fail as well.
Doing this with 2 people is very easy… one MCs the boss to destroy all eggs, the other kills the adds. At the current level, they will go down with 1-2 hits.

What if you do wanna solo it though? There IS a way, and here is how:

– Run to the orb and kill the mobs around it. Immediately click the orb and start MCing the boss, destroying the eggs (the ability will be “4” on your keyboard or Razer Naga)
– Once he has like 2-4 mobs on him that hit him, click his icon (below yours as long as you MC) and choose “Dismiss”, thereby ending the mind-control.
– Hopefully, the adds on the boss will run to you, just like the boss will do.
– It’s a good idea to NOT use any of the damage-dealing abilities of the boss… otherwise, after you end the MC,
the adds he hit will still be attacking him and he might die.
– After cancelling the MC, heal if you need to, maybe use a quick AOE ability to kill all the mobs around you, and click the orb again quickly to MC again.
– Rinse and repeat until all eggs are gone. At this point, the adds will run out, the boss will end the MC and attack you… you can go nuts now and kill him

So the method is to MC the boss, and once he gets aggro, you stop the MC so he loses aggro, and then immediately do it again.
When you do AOE the mobs around you while not MCing, please be careful to not accidentially hurting the boss until you MC him again.

I managed to destroy all eggs on the very first attempt, on my paladin. I didn’t need to heal, and when I had interrupted the MC, I just did a quick AOE attack to kill at least some of the adds around me, and started again.
Next, I tried with my (arms) warrior, and this was a closer call… the boss had a lot of mobs on him so he almost died… he was at about 3-4K health when he destroyed the final egg.

I have not tried this with a cloth class… if you do want to try, you might wanna have a potion or self-heal ready to use when you stop the MC, as you will have lots and lots of adds on you, attacking you.
Other than that, I doubt there will be much of a problem.
If this doesnt work on the first attempt, don’t give up! Experiment with when to stop the MC…whether you wanna do it early, to avoid almost ALL dmg to the boss, or later, kinda predicting how long his health will last.
I guarantee that this method works. I did it on two different chars with no wipe, and a friend of mine has done it on his char (another plate-wearer) as well, so don’t give up… and good luck on looting those weapons and t2-setpieces or elementium ingots (which you need for the legendary weapon or can sell at the AH for a nice profit, same as with the pets that some bosses drop)

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First of all; I DO like the idea of garrisons. Check out what we know so far HERE.

I don’t think of garrisons as “player housing” as much as others seem to do. Yes, it will be OUR place, our base… but so was Sunsong Ranch, and no one really considered that “player housing”, right? We could set our Hearthstone there, it was a rest zone, we could plant and harvest mats, but it wasn’t really like what most consider “player housing”.

The reason why I DO like the idea of garrisons is: It will be our base, and we will slowly build it up to be more useful. We can craft and apparently harvest there, so it’s like “Sunsong Ranch V2.0”, much more versatile and bigger.

The follower-system sounds nice as well. It seems to be inspired at least a bit by the companions in SWTOR, but that is ok, of course. If they help managing the garrison, or can help gather mats, that’d be very nice. One thing that bothered me a lot about the Ranch was that, even if you were good friends with all the tillers, it never turned out to be any less work to maintain your farm.
Planting and harvesting on all your alts (if you choose to do that) is time-consuming already, but to remove weeds, kill eagles and vermin or those tentacles over and over every day while your “friends” stand by and offer no benefit as in “OK, pay me 5G and I will till those plants”.
I hope the followers at the garrison, once you have put in all this time and work to asctually fully build the garrison and level your followers (which seems to be very time-consuming) will actually HELP you, and make it a bit less grindy. I don’t want free hand-outs, but if I could, say, set up a mine and eventually ask my followers to help with the mining, that’d be nice… after all, you put in all this work to build up the place and level your employees =)

What DOES concern me is: How will this be for altoholics like myself. Some people are concerned about it, while I read comments like “LOL, duh, just focus on your main, that is what Blizz wants”. And I would NOT be happy with that if it was the message.
Some people (and I think it’s actually quite a lot of people) do LOVE alts and using them, not only for the variety and stuff, but also for crafting and earning money, to be independent of other crafters etc.

If the garrison was so time-and work-consuming to fully unlock and level for EVERY char, that’d be kind of alt-unfriendly… AGAIN. One of the big complaints about MoP was how alt-unfriendly it was in the beginning… the gated reps, having to get through those to grind other reps just for recipes, gearing etc… all this was quite furstrtaing if you liked alts.
All this was changed eventually, and the Timeless Isle is like a paradise for altoholics… I was able to easily gear all my alts with just being on the Isle and grinding/questing there for a while with 2-3 chars. We are not talking about raid-level gear, but to be able to equip my alts in ilvl 496 gear was so much more fun than early MoP.

I dont expect free epics in WoD, but if I am forced to pick ONE of those chars and stick to it regarding the garrison… that wouldnt work, and I know I am not the only one feeling that way. If you fully level the garrison on your main, and it gets easier on the alts (like thiose rep-boosters introduced in MoP)… it would still require work and time, but less (or much less) than doing it all over from scratch on 10-11 chars.

So I hope that Blizz keeps in mind that quite a few players love alts and crafting, keeps in mind the success of the Timeless Isle, keeps in mind the unhappiness of so many players with the grind in early MoP… and can think of something that will building more than one garrison per account a bit less exhausting than “OK, you just spent weeks doing this… gratz. Now do it again and again and again with no booster or anything”.

Don’t get me wrong… I know that being an altoholic is a choice. I don’t expect to be given 10 free garrisons once I complete the one on my main. But speeding uzp the process a bit on alts if you completed it once, even just a bit, would be tremendously nice towards those that like to use alts, or might wanna change their main halfway through an expansion.

SO: I DO look forward to garrisons, it DOES sound like a very fun system, but I hope it won’t be 11x the exact same grind if you are an altoholic

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Warlords of Draenor: Random thoughts


There we go then: The new expansion of WOW was announced.
The surprise (if there was one, after all the trademark was found out about a week ago) was kinda spoiled by the pre-opening videos, as one featured Dave Kosak sitting in front of the new WOW logo… with the title of the expansion. So minutes before the big opening, we already knew what the deal was.

So…what do I think?
I am cautiously curious and I do look forward. I am not ecstatic or anything… I think at this point, that wouldn’t be possible, because this will be the fifth expansion pack I see being added, and I like to be cautious about looking forward. After all, Cataclysm sounded very exciting, but turned out to be less fun than most of us expected… a lot of people consider it possibly the worst expansion so far.

I was a bit surprised by the theme and setting of WoD… after all, now we go back to Draenor, travelling back in time. It seems as if Blizzard had quite a few problems explaining this concept in a logical way. Too many people seem to wonder about continuity and going back in time, without moving actually forward.

It doesn’t bother me much, really… if you are TOO nit-picky about, say, the effects of time-travelling in a FANTASY GAME, you might ruin the game for yourself quickly. So I am fine with that aspect, really.
I will hopefully be able to blog about details like the HUGE changes to items, stats, the new garrison-concept, etc.
So far: I am looking forward. I hope the expansion won’t be TOO much filled with only orcs and ogres. In the previews, we saw areas just FILLED with these two races (OK, plus Draenei), and while that does make sense considring its Draenor, I would think it was rather dull if 90% of the mobs we fight are just orcs and ogres.
Also, I am NOT too happy about Garrosh triggering the whole thing. Garrosh, to me, has become a very one-dimensional character throughout MoP, and I was actually happy he was beaten and jailed.
Seeing him being the one who actually starts the story of the expansion (and who knows how much he will be involved in the story) isn’t exactly something I consider a great idea, but thats ok as well!

I will be glad to finally leave Pandaria, as I still don’t “feel” the vibe and story of this continent and its people, and I do look forward to going back to Draenor, seeing it before it was devastated, and maybe seeing the end (or beginning) of some the things we know from TBC.

So…let’s wait and see how this turns out!

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Community Blog Topic: Scaling


The Community Blog Topic at Wow Insider this week is about a possible new thing in development: Scaling high level chars to lower level content.
Question is: Do we want this?

It really depends on how it is done. What I would not really like:
– Scaling us automatically and without giving us a choice, depending on where we are. I think I remember that in GW2, if you enter a lower level zone, you get scaled down. I don’t think that this would be much fun, really. Leveling in WOW these days isn’t much of a challenge, it just takes a lot of time. If you go to a lower zone just to farm some mats or, say, work on Loremaster, I don’t think that’d be fun for most people, even if you get, say, more money from quests or a chance on drops you can use at 90.

– Scaling to lower level instances. A lot of players, whether its casual or not, like to solo old content for transmog gear or certain achievements. I recently went for some ICC achievements with my gf. Sure, if you are in a busy and active guild, maybe it’d be fun to enter ICC and get scaled down as a full raid, but I think the rewards would have to be appropriate, as in, again useable gear for your max level.

I am pretty sure there will be a HUGE outcry if the scaling was NOT optional.

Now, if it IS optional, I can think of some fun uses:
– I hated (!!) leveling all my chars through Pandaria. I just dont like the continent, the vibe, the theme. If I could have had a choice to scale down and level from 80-90 in Northrend or some Cata zones… Id have loved it. Im a big fan of NR, and being able to level there to cap if you make that choice would be wonderful. Just not sure whether everyone would like it.

– It might be fun to revisit old raids, just to experience them at least a bit like they were. YUp, all the classes and mechanics are now totally different. Also, if you scale down…do you lose all abilities you have at cap? I would think that that would be necessary, otherwise everyone would wanna do the lower level content with scaled-down 90s only.

– Again, in order for it to be enticing, they’d have to make it worht our while. A lot of people wouldnt care about revisiting MC and play it at the appropriate level, as it has the nickname “Molten Bore” for a reason.
But imagine this:
– You can loot gear that is at, say, flex level (or a bit lower), looks like the original gear, but once you leave the raid or instance, they scale to your level. So… you raid MC with a raid of scaled down 90s, you win a classical weapon from a classical boss. It has the original look, but it scales to your level… so you have, I dunno, a level 90 version of a Blackwing Lair weapon.

Two caveats:
-Theyd have to be weaker versions, maybe at LFR-level or slightly above. Otherwise… why run the most recent raids with all their gazillion mechanics and difficulty, when you can earn the same gear in a scaled Molten Bore, right?
Maybe lower the chance for gear drop, drop a bit more VP or something.

Caveat 2: Thinking about all this… I doubt it will get to that point, as it prolly would be an incredibly huge workload for the devs to make all that scaling (of chars AND GEAR you loot) work.

Still fun to think about it. I’d like to raid Kara again with some friends and scaled down… but only if it was optional. I think a lot of players love to be able to solo this stuff, and I’d HATE for that to be taken away.
Just keep it optional please

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Time-travelling next expansion? Some random thoughts…


It’s only a few more weeks until Blizzcon, and of course, there is a lot of speculation about the next expansion.

Right now, quite a few people believe that the weekly quest on the Timeless Isle, which sends you into the SoO-raid to witness some sequences, hints at time-travelling.


We see a corrupted version of Stormwind, with all the leaders impaled along the walls. We also see a bronze drake die in the Caverns of Time.

The question is, is there a connection to the next expansion? Are these hints hinting at time-travel, more focus on the bronze dragonflight?

That got me thinking a lot, and here are some random thoughts about this:

– What if the next expansion would involve quite a lot of time-travelling? Not only in instances (like we had in TBC, Wrath and Cata), but…say you go to different eras or alternate time-streams like you go to zones?
Imagine the corrupted SW isn’t a “if you hadnt been there, SW would look like this by now” type thing…imagine we’d go there, to a dark, torn, corrupted and crazy Stormwind, controlled by evil or with lots of crazy people inhabiting it (well, if you check out trade chat, lots of crazy people around all day long, but you know what I mean).
A dystopian, dark, corrupted SW, where you’re not a hero, but you try to blend in to accomplish certain goals… I know, has been done before a lot in books and movies, but not in WOW yet, and it sure sounds better than another continent appearing from out of nowhere, or portals to a new planet.

– Imagine being able to see legendary places in the past? The time described in the “Dawn Of The Aspect” novels that were recently published… the time when the Aspects were chosen, after killing Galakrond in Northrend.
Now… next year is WOW’s 10th birthday. The next expansion will most likely be released that year. Imagine that, for their 10th anniversary, you get to visit those places you read about, or visit them in the past. We have known Stromgarde ever since the game began…imagine visiting it in its heyday, many centuries ago.
Imagine seeing iconic moments like Lothar’s death at Blackrock Mountain… the war of the Three Hammers.. the Quiraj-wars we saw part of in the quests that opened AQ?

The possibilities are endless, and my point is: What about, when WOW turns 10, there was an expansion involving time travel and a “Best of WOW”, with many moments and events from WOWs past being revisited in the context of time-travels in a new expansion?

It wouldnt have to be ancient history only. What if we met ourselves (please try to ignore the good old thing about the continuum and what may happen if you change the past), like we did in the insanely cool quests in the Bronze Dragonshrine in Dragonblight, where we met ourselves in a lvl80-version, and later we meet ourselves in a lower-level-version?

Imagine some of our deeds messed up the timestream, and we have to change them a little? We see iconic events such as the fall of the LK, this time as an observer or someone who needs to help make it happen or stop it from being corrupted or changed.

I love the idea of a “Best of WOW”, with us seeing a lot of legendary places and events again, whethers its stuff we only heard about or read about… or more recent things from recent expansions.

Or it could be Vash’jr and the Emerald Dream :b

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