Maw Of The Dragonlord

22 Mar

So yaaay… last night, I finally managed to win a Maw Of The Dragonlord. If you’re into healing, you probably do know that it’s right now the BiS for healers, and even the LFR-version is pretty nice.

It took me quite a while to win it, even though I run DS through the LFR with three different healers… my druid is the first char to actually win it (I will probably write a rant about LFR-loot and -attitude in a little while). I wish it could have dropped for my priest or shaman instead, as I do play those chars more often, but ofc, I am very happy my druid now has this one!

So… I also tried making a video of me trying out the procc. Instead of trying it in some raid,
I simply wanted to test the internal CD etc, so I made a video of me experimenting with it right in the middle of SW.
Check it out, and excuse the crappy quality, I’ll do better next time, just got into this!

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Posted by on March 22, 2012 in Healing


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