Where to go from here? (or: What is this blog all about?)

22 Mar

OK, I figured it would be a good idea to begin by writing down what I plan on this blog being about. (For your benefit as much as mine!)

So here we go, in no specific order:

Healing stuff (I love healing, and am currently actively healing with a shaman, a priest and a druid)

Loremaster and lore in general. I love WOW-lore, and I of course had to get the Loremaster-achievement, working on getting it on two other chars (crazy, I know!). So any ramblings and tinfoil-hatting on lore, I will put here

Classes. I also am an altoholic. I have 10 85s and a bunch of low-level alts, and I have an 85 of each class. I have actively played all classes at some point, in changing configurations, starting with a mage in vanilla. Right now, my “mains” are my three healers, but I also have tanked and sometimes still do, and ofc I do DPS also.

MoP. Of course, right?

WOW’s past. I will probably talk about the “Good ol days” in between, just to warn you in advance!

Misc stuff. We will see.

I plan on keeping this blog rather “general”.. so it will not be, say, a healer-specific one.
I do enjoy doing quite a few different things in game, and there is a lot to be found in the game, so I’ll write about different things.

A bit about myself…

I am currently in my mid-30s, I’m male, and I am from the US, but currently live and work in Europe. I have played WOW ever since 2006, even though I took some breaks in between. I have also played other MMOs (my start actually was UO).

I love lore and story-telling, and love a lot of the WOW-lore. I am NOT a pet-, mount- or
achievement-collector, yet I do work on getting loremasters on more characters.

I have raided in the past, and am part of a group of people in my guild who are trying to get back into it, even though it’s a casual guild (which suits me fine!).

I am not a PVPer… I sometimes do it to change the routine, and I have done a bit more in the past, especially on my mage, but that is something I only do every once in a while =)

I am a professional musician (insert the good ol’ “oxymoron” joke here), that’s my job,
and it occasionally might keep me from updating my blog for a bit, due to a massive work-
schedule…I’ll do my best though!

I am in a wonderful guild on an EU-server, and I really love these people, and enjoy doing stuff with the guild.
WOW is not my life or anything, but it is a great distraction, and I do like to get into the game and how to play my class, so when I actually get to play, I do put some time into it.
Anything you wanna know? Just ask! =)

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