Class love: The Shaman

02 Apr


As I mentioned before, I’m a certified altoholic, and throughout the years of playing, I have changed my “main” a couple of times. I started out as mainly DPS, with my mage (a class I always feel home with for some reason), later on I enjoyed tanking a lot on my warrior and paladin, but nowadays, it’s all about healing for me.

And even though I can’t ever REALLY narrow it down to ONE main, I of course find myself playing certain chars more than others, Right now, that is the shaman, and I truly fell in love with the class.

Which is weird, because at first, I simply didn’t understand it so well. I leveled my shaman with a good friend, and I was struggling a bit with the concept of the enhancement spec, the use of totems etc.

In WOTLK, I leveled him to 80, and by then, I think I had gotten the hang of the spec, and enjoyed it lots. There is something very dynamic about Lava Lash and Stormstrike, and always fun about chain lightning, of course.
I farmed heroics with him a bit in late Wrath, got him geared up, but then I started playing other classes again, and eventually, Cataclysm hit.

The return

The shaman was one of the last of my chars I leveled to 85, and afterwards, I kinda abandoned him again, focussing on my pally, mage, druid.
Then, at some point, I got him out of “storage”, and eventually, started healing on him. Once again, I don’t play as much DPS anymore, and healing is what I enjoy most these days, it seems to be more down my alley, seems to fit my playstyle more.
Again, I was slightly baffled… the healingstyle of resto-shamans is a bit different from other styles, and I ofc did my fair share of mistakes. However, staying stubborn and doing research paid off, and by now, the shaman is my favorite healer.

Does the class have issues? Sure does, but which class/spec doesn’t at some point?

I love the concept of the Earth Shield, the buffs that totems give you (which has me slightly worried about the upcoming changes in MoP), abilities like healing rain and chain-heal.
I also love the concept of general… resto DOES feel very “nature-like”, very “earthen”. Compared to the “flashy” style of priests or holy paladins, the shaman is more in touch with nature, and I love watching healing rain at work.
Also, even though the shaman might lack in some aspects, the ability to cast spells like Chain Heal while running makes him great for fights like Haggara… when the lightning phase is up, it’s fun to drop a healing rain into the path of the raid as it circles the platform, or dropping a chain-heal on them.
Even though the actual heal-output seems lower than that of an equally-geared holy priest, I enjoy heroics and raids with the shammy a lot, and the healing style seems to fit my mentality and “play-style” well.


For soloing stuff, or when I just don’t feel like healing sometimes, enhancement is my go-to-spec. All my armour-tokens and VP went into the healing-gear, but the enhance-gear is decent, and the spec itself, to me, is fun to play. I hear it’s horrible in PvP, but I guess that doesn’t matter as I am mainly PvP, and when I DO hit a battleground, I prefer other classes.

Enhancement does feel very dynamic, and I love the spell effects. Blizz’s changes to increase AOE-damage of the spec did wonders, and even though it feels different than, say, simply calling down a Starfall, it’s nice to be able to AOE as well.

I do solo-runs of MC on a regular base, and for some classes, the self-ressing corehounds early on in the instance can cause problems. With a magma totem and my AOE-spells, I can bring all of them down in a very controlled manner, making sure there is no chain-ressing or anything.


The shaman is a very very versatile class which brings quite a lot of utility to every group and raid. Enhancement is a fun damage-spec, very active and dynamic, while healing is a very very nicely done healing spec.
I do hope that the changes in the upcoming expansion will not ruin the class for me, but I just approach it with an open mind and will try to roll with the punches… I’m too much in love with the class to give up that easily =)

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