Loremaster: General thoughts

02 Apr


It’s always fun to see some of the reactions to people working on Loremaster. YOu will get everything from “LOL nerd!” through “Good luck on that!” to “U nuts?”

Yes, it’s a lot of work to get it done, but apart from a few tough spots, it’s quite an enjoyable ride if you are into lore. A lot of the changes in Cataclysm kinda made me sad, as I miss some of the classic content, some quests and questlines which just are a part of my WOW-past, but still, there are some great storylines to be found when working on this meta-achievement.

Why would you do it?

I think the MAIN reason should be that you are into the lore. There are some very funny, or very sad stories to be found in the lands of Azeroth and Outland, and afterwards, unless you totally ignored all the stories and just focussed purely on the quest objectives, you will feel like you understand the whole storyline, and feel more connected to the zones because you have seen upclose what has been going on there.

There are other reasons though… of course, if you are an “achievement hunter”, Loremaster will provide you with a lot of achievement points… the single zone ones, the meta ones, and some quest related achievements like the Caravan one in the Plaguelands.

MONEY is another good one. I made several thousand Gold just from completing “Loremaster Of Cataclysm” and “Loremaster of Northrend”, because on top of the quest reward money and the gold you loot, you get pieces of gear (q rewards and looted) you can sell (or disenchant and sell the mats).
Plus, you will probably loot lots of mats you can sell too… for example, in the Cata-zones, I looted enough cloth to make several bags for alts, or sell them for a good prize.

Of course, quest rewards will be a lot less valuable in the lower level zones, but still, it will bring in money, and on some servers, even linen cloth sells for several pieces of gold, depending on the market.

And: rep! You get tons of reputation with all kinds of factions, so if your character isn’t exalted with, say, the capitol cities, or some of the Cata-factions, you can get those done while doing those quests.


I mentioned rough spots, and there are a few. Blizz did lower the amount of quests for the Vash’jr achievement, but still, Vash’jr still feels like a very long haul, and still is one of the most unpopular zones in the game.

The worst part though? The BC-zones, hands down. SO many people have struggled with Nagrand, because not only are there several drops that start quests, there also is a timed event (the ambush at Nesingwary’s camp) which you will have to wait for, AND you have to do several quests in other zones before you can get to the final few ones in Nagrand (Altruis!).
IIRC, you have to get some status with the Aldors in Shattrath, then do quests for them in SMV before you finally unlock the final quests from Altruis, and get the achievement. You seriously have to find and do EVERY quest in Nagrand, while in so many other zones (esp. on Kalimdor), you always have quests left after you get the achievement.

Same goes for Bloodmyst Isle… which is a zone where you can’t fly, so prepare to spend quite some time there, even though it’s a low-lvl zone.
The droprates for quest items in the BC-zones are much worse than they are in the NR- or Cata-ones, or the revamped old world. Trying to get those basilisk eyes, the Arrakoa feathers or Worg tails will remind you of what droprates were like in the old days.

I really recommend to start with those zones first, to get them out of the way. Netherstorm is the other one I always do early on…it requires 120 quests, and will take a LOT of time. On top of that, I don’t consider the quest design very creative either, as a lot of them revolve around going to a manaforge, killing certain amounts of mobs there, destroying the forge, then doing it again and again.


I always get kinda impatient when some people who did loremaster in the old days get outraged at “How easy” it is now. Yes, you did it way back then, and it was harder. But no, this does not entitle you to belittle the achievement for those doing it now, as it STILL is a lot of work.
Also, LOTS of things have gotten easier and quicker. Have you tried to get reputation with some of those factions up back in vanilla, at max level? Before it was changed by Blizz, doing, say, a lvl 10 quest at level 60 would give you an insanely low amount of rep. This was changed later, so nowadays, it doesnt take long to get that rep up, which is great esp. for Death Knights, starting at lvl 55, hitting the open world at 58.

So many things have gotten easier, and complaining about it, or blaming people for not being around back then just makes you look jealous or grumpy. I never ever laugh at people for doing stuff I did in Vanilla, even if it takes them less time, because that IS the way it IS, and I benefit from the changes as much as all the others. I am grateful loremaster is easier now, since I am working on getting the achievement for two more alts. I am grateful rep farming is easier, because there is SO MUCH to do in game now, and stuff like the “same rep at max level”, the rep guild-perk, and tabards simply make it more convenient, while not handing out freebies exactly either.


I know Loremaster is not for everyone, and I really recommend to take your time with it, get the TBC-zones out of the way ASAP, and to enjoy the ride. Apart from all the money, the rep, the loot (which can be nice for transmog too, btw), it’s a huge undertaking and, to me, enough fun to work on it a second and third time =) Good luck!

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