First beta-impressions

06 Apr

I spent a few hours in the beta by now, and just wanted to share a few impressions… =)

– As expected, the panda-starting-zone is totally overrun. Still, the quests are nice, the area and landscape is beautiful (just like the music), and I have to say..the female pandaren is really nicely done. I am not sure yet whether she actually fits into WOW for me (as she might be a bit TOO cute), but the animation and facial expressions are nice indeed.

– I also rolled a human monk. Unfortunately, no quests available for monks at Northire Abbey yet, so I had to grind my way to level 4 or 5, in order to start questing in Goldshire. Since I didn’t have gear or weps from quest rewards, that was…challenging (level 3, starter gear, going for lvl 6 kobolds), but some white level weps from the vendor (!) helped, and by now, I have a mix of crafted and quest gear.
I am not quite sure whether I like the martial arts style of the monk, but then again, I just made it to 10, chose the healer-spec, and will try him in instances next week.

– Also, the copies of some of my 85s arrived, and I queued for a normal MoP instance. The design was nice, but it took some time to get used to healing. My gear is mostly LFR-raid gear, ilvl 388, and I was able to easrily keep the first group up.
However, mana is a BIG issue, both regarding the mana-costs of spells and the mana regeneration. I admit I wasn’t healing as strategically as I could have, but I was OOM on the water-boss before he really got into phase 2. Check out this article with impressions from Joe Perez.
Then, we hit the water boss, the one I read about in advance, and he was just as annoying as I expected him to be. Granted, with each such bosses, you might need a successful kill or two in order to fight him easily, but right now, he simply feels like an annoying design.
The idea is from SSC. I found the harmful void zones hard to see… a dark room, with black, watery voidzones from the dead water ellies, plus the actual water you cant step into. The first part was easy, the second was…
annoying. Even with Natures Grasp in use, I found it hard to getr ANYTHING done while avoiding the water wall. The two possible strategies seem to be:
a) get behind him, burst, run around to dodge his water rinse and repeat while sloooowly grinding him down.
b) the hard method, with the group with their backs to a wall, the healer healing through the water-beam. This is
not fun if you have mostly melee chars.

The group I was in (as usual, the others didnt say much) tried the first approach, and soon, I was dead, without
being able to cast much.
Now, I am sure it just takes another attempt, and I am sure many will find this whole thing easy. I am not sure what to think…its SSC all over, and why not make him do this ability temporarily, instead of the whole fight? It feels kinda pointless to fight a boss that is basically a lawn-sprinkler, revolving 360 degrees while blowing a stream of water. If this was only in the last 10% or like, at 80, 60, 40 percent or whatever, it would still require tacts, but right now, it just feels annoying…
Am I being too negative? I dont know. The other parts were ok, but this wasnt much fun, as its not only a recap of old mechanics (SSC and Deadmines), but just… not fun.

I am sure the other fights are more fun, or maybe this one is easier for druid or priest (instead of shaman), and the designs are great.It didnt feel quite as tough as early Cata, even though I was OOM at some point, and I
still have to get used to a) the new talents and glyphs and b) the lack of addons, as I was healing this old school-style .

I will try again, but so far I can say:

– Beautiful landscape and music

– Quests seem to be fun

– Initial instances dont seem to be as hard as they were for healers in early Cata

– I hate that water-boss. Results may vary, but this one didnt win me over, even though I hoped he was less annoying than the description sounded =)

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