A quick test of some new shaman talents

13 Apr

I decided to test two of the new shaman abilities while questing, in this case Ancestral Guidance and Astral Shift. Check out the video. These are nice CDs that can help the healer in your group a little bit for sure.

While Astral Shift is a classic “lower inc damage on yourself for a few secs” talent, Ancestral Guidance is right down the “heal while doing dmg” alley that Blizz seems to head into more and more.

Sure, we had stuff like disc priests and their smites, or Vampiric Touch, for quite some time in game, but think about it…the monk is based on “healing by doing damage”, and so it does not surprise me that a talent like Ancestral Guidance comes up.

While active, it reminds me a bit of VT… small numbers, but lots of them. It’s only a very temporary effect, but imagine a raid boss-fight, popping this ability when you have lots of raid-buffs or even encounter-buffs like the one during the Madness of DW-fight… for a short time, this ability can actually contribute some very useful extra-heals.

I have to play around more with the talents.. the shammy ones are interesting, but still, the druid ones seem to be the most exciting ones for me right now. We will see how things will change, this is, after all, still early beta.

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Posted by on April 13, 2012 in Classes, Healing, Mists Of Pandaria


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