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13 Apr

I figured I should mention some of the gaming hardware I use. Keep in mind I am not a hardcore raider, but since I DO raid, and also play a lot in general (if I do have the time), I have slowly but surely gotten into gaming hardware, starting with a Razer Diamondback that I bought in 2006, and have used for more than 4 years, before switching to the…



This mouse has changed my gaming a lot, and the problem is that I have issues playing WITHOUT it by now. I started using it in early 2010, and haven’t looked back yet.
It takes a little while to get used to the keypad on the left side, but by now, I trigger all my spells using that, so my left hand (on the keyboard) is being used only for movement and modifiers (to access even more spells).
Whether it’s healing or DPS, being able to trigger 12 spells/abilities just with the thumb really is awesome.

There is a problem though: Even though the Diamondback I used lasted 5 years with NO issue (and still is in use by my girlfriend at work), it seems to me that the quality of Razer-products has gone down a lot.
The Naga seems to be sturdy, but there is a very common problem: The little pins under the left and right button that touch the actual contact (thereby transferring your clicks to the internal click-trigger) are made of plastic. When you use the mouse a lot, that plastic wears down, and it becomes hard to use those two buttons – they become unresponsive (which, obviously, is incredibly annoying)
You can fix it with hot glue etc, but all those are just temporary fixes. My first Naga had that problem after about a year and a half. My girlfriend wanted to take it, and she is still using it. Every 4 weeks, she opens the mouse and uses hot glue to “extend” those plastic pins, in order to keep the mouse useable.
Putting a small piece of metal over the ends of those pins would easily fix the problem, especially since it’s a well-known issue, but as of yet, Razer hasn’t changed anything.

I bought my second Naga, the one you see above, last summer, and so far, had no issues with it.

This mouse really has become a big part of my WOW-playing, and I can’t imagine playing without it anymore, it’s that convenient.

Regarding Razer: My negative opinion about the current quality of Razer-products is not only based on the Naga-problem. I also bought a Razer Lycosa gaming-keyboard, and had nothing BUT issues with it… such as keys becoming unresponsive or me suddenly being stuck running…which is NOT fun in a raid or heroic, especially since the only way to fix that is to unplug the keyboard temporarily.
Considering it cost me about 100$ and gave me so much trouble, it was a total waste of money. I heard that only a certain run of the Lycosa had this issue, but that is bad enough, and no driver-download or anything could fix it… it was a hardware problem, just like the Naga-thing.

Since the Naga has become so convenient to me, I am willing to accept its flaw, but after the Lycosa, I am not interested in any other Razer product OTHER than the Naga.



The gaming keyboard I use is a SteelSeries Merc Stealth. I did some research after the whole Razer-catastrophy, and ended up with this one…and again, never looked back, as I am absolutely happy with it.

What I DO like is the weight (there apparently is a steel-plate inside, to make it heavier, so you don’t accidentially move it even in stressful raids =)), and the extra-pad on the left side.
You have: 11 numbered buttons for spell-triggering (which is obsolete considering I use the Naga, but should I ever stop using that, I have the option to use there), above a six button movement pad (forward, backward, left, right, strafe left, strafe right). The buttons of the movement pad are rather big, and its easy to get used to moving that way.

Around that pad, you have keys for running/walking, a space key for jumpinh, and several small buttons you can use for whatever you like. Here are the default keybindings from the keyboard-driver:


As you can see, you have an additional shift-key (for example to use it as a modifier), can open the map, switch targets etc.

It does take time to get into extra controls such as the Naga-pad or the merc-extra-keys, but after a few hours of playing, I was totally used to it, and can focus entirely ont he game while being able to do whatever I wanna do conveniently with those two pieces of equipment.

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