A quick rant

19 Apr

…its totally not surprising that the media is all over Breivik being a former WOW-player, and I am sure it will be repeated again and again. It’s what usually happens in cases like this, as it’s always fun for the media to take potshots at easy targets or politicians to claim that heavy metal and “violent games” were the reason why someone ran amok.

As usual, ignoring the number of people who do play games like that or listen to that music, ignoring the fact that, unless I missed an important technological advance, no song and no game can turn you into a killer.

Also, considering how much time and effort he put into the preparations for his horrible deeds, it’s kinda sad to point at him also playing a game that 10 million other people play, and considering his statements about his motivations, the shrewd “philosophy” he has developed, it IMHO is even dangerous to just blame whatever he played as the reason.

I remember the whole controversy about song lyrics and hidden messages in music back in the 80s. Frank Zappa, back then, said (and I am paraphrasing) “There is no word that will make you go to hell. There has to be a tendency inside of you, and when that tendency is triggered into action, it can be ANYTHIGN that triggers it. maybe it’s a song, maybe it’s the red tie the guy next to you on the bus was wearing”.

There will be finger-pointing again, there will be media reports about how games, heavy metal music or certain movies turns everyone into a killer, and I am afraid a lot of people will ignore what actually happened there, a guy developing an incredible amount of hate and a totally shrewd view of the world, planning (for years) a horrible killing-spree, being totally convinced he was some kind of knight fighting for his race or religion or whatever.

And to blame that and the horrible things he did on whatever game he played or music he listened to totally distracts from what is going on here, and I don’t think it will help ONE BIT to prevent something like this in the future either, even though I am pretty sure some media-guy or politician will try to appear like a saviour, again asking for bans of certain types of media as if it would ever prevent an incredibly sad day like the one last July…

Watch what happens, it happens every single time, no matter what, and it’s sad, because its so predictable and the important point, how to keep things like this from happening, is again simplified to the point of “Well, why don’t we just ban the game he played or whatever book he read, then we are safe, right?” Yeah, right.

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