19 Apr


It seems to me that quite a lot of people are a bit unhappy about resto-druids getting “healing mushrooms” in MoP…basically, a healing version of the balance-AOE-mushrooms

Let me point out a few things:

1- Yes, they can be a bit “clunky” regarding positioning. Then again, I doubt they will be the centrepoint of our healing in the expansion, they will be more of a possible tool. Situational, yes, but: Imagine you place them before a boss-fight, and trigger them when the raid moves to their position (think, say, DS bosses). Even if you’re OOM, you can still trigger them. Situational? Sure. Still, it’s a new tool, which has its uses, and sure is more interesting then, say, yet another “normal” HoT or cast-time-heal

2. Think of balance druids. Yes, if they want to maximize their DPS, they will have to use the mushrooms even if they dislike the spec. Then again, the mushrooms are not a constant part of their rotation. I have seen balance druids place them on the Ultraxion-fight, before it started, and use them for a nice burst at the start. However, those druids didnt have to constantly recast them, and still did great DPS. I dont think the intention behind the shrooms is to give you aan ability that needs setup time to weave into your rotation, its something that is a tool which might be great in some situations.
An example? I HATE the water-boss in JT, because I think it’s annoying, a very uncreative boss-fight (if he would use his lawnsprinkling-thing in between, ok, but phase 2 being nothing but a boss spinning in a circle with that beam? Yawn)

Now, imagine you place the mushrooms close to him, at ANY point. The group has to run around the boss, while DPSing and while avoiding the beam (unless you wanna outheal the beam while the group stands with their backs to the wall… which will prolly be impossible in heroic difficulty, so why not do it “right” in normal, too?).
If the group is getting low in health, simply trigger the shrooms while the group is between them.Bam, free insta-AOE-heal.

The point is: its a TOOL, not your new main-spell that you use at all times. We still have all the old abilities, plus other new additions.

3. I do believe that, unless you are doing heroic raids, you should be able to heal without the shrooms. Moonkins use their shrooms to maximize DPS, but you see many of them do great DPS without using them at all, or maybe only sometimes, at the beginning of the boss fight. So I believe that, if you totally hate the idea behind them, oyu can prolly ust ignore them and still keep the group up unless you are in situatuins where you need to squeeze every bit of healz out of your char.

4. The mechanics have changed, I mentioned this before. Right now, I have the placement-tool of the shrooms macroed to be activated by one button of my naga in combination with a modifier. One button, click three spots to place them…done. Theyre ready to be triggered with another button. With some practice, you can do this while running, warriors do a similar thing with heroic leap a lot (aiming the targeting field while running).
Imagine a fight like Hagara…while running from the ice walls, you place the shrooms ahead of you and trigger it when the group arrives there. Or place it under Hagara and trigger it when the group gets back to her, or whenever.

5. Keep an open mind! This is not the be all end all, this is not the focus of our spec! Its a situational spell, a tool. You don’t need to use each and every tool in your spec to perform well. There are moonkins tht do killer dps without the shrooms in action constantly. There are warriors who do awesome DPS without ever using heroic leap. There are shaman who are not specced for Spirit Link totem and still keep their group up, or some that are not specced for Telluric Current and still make it through long fights.

Don’t scream bloody murder because you are given a situational tool which, in some cases might absolutely shine, but will not be mandatory to use. Chill =)

I am not the biggest fan of the spell, but I have used it in Cata on my moonkin, and have tried it a bit in the beta, practicing using a macro, placing them while I run etc. Also, healing while not using them at all, and it worked. But I can imagine that it can even be fun to use them in some cases, and I dont think that, with new abilities like Force Of Nature (heal version), Cenarion Ward and Ironbark, you should say “druid healing will suck” just because you now get a situational spell moonkins are using.

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