How about “growing weapons” in WOW?

24 Apr


I think I mentioned before that I do try to keep track with some ideas from other games. For example, just for old times sake, I recently revisited UO (might write more about that later on), and LOTRO.

There are two things that I really love in LOTRO which might be nice for WOW as well…or at least I think they might, that’s why I wanted to write about them.

1. Named weapons

When you craft a weapon in Lotro, at some point, you can start giving them names. You get the option to do that when your crafting “crits” and you get a purple-level wep. So you eg. make some bows, and suddenly, it crits, and you get a purple level bow with a special ability and higher damage.

You then are asked to give it a name. Sounds like nothing special, right?

Well, I dont think it’s only from a lore-standpoint that I find that cool… imagine you craft a weapon (they already have a name on it), and then you create one that is extra-special. You name it, and then sell it. Weeks later, you run into a guy in your PUG who wears the very same weapon you have made.

Sure, in WOW, crafted items can have names on them too, but I love the idea of naming a wep, I think it adds a tiny bit of character to it… you feel more… connected to it.

Sure, there are risks to it… people getting bored of the option, simply naming them “A”, “B” etc. Or, even worse, l33t names such as “n00bslayer”, “skrillmace”, “usuck” whatever.

Still, I like the idea of being able to assign a name to the weps you made, not only from a crafter’s standpoint…

2. Growing weapons

LOTRO introduced the principle of “legendary weapons” with Mines Of Moria, I believe. The basic idea? At some point, you loot a certain weapon, and the weapon then “grows”… for each kill you make, it gets a certain amount of XP, and it gets stronger…thats the idea in a nutshell.
Now imagine that for a sec… a weapon that levels with you!
Would it be boring to wield the same weapon for, say, a whole expansion (at some point, it would make sense to replace the wep, like for example when a new expansion hits and you get the good ol’ “replace heroic gear with quest greens from the new zones” cycle)?

I don’t know, because considering the success of transmogging, I think people wouldn’t mind wielding the same kind of gear, as long as the stats keep getting stronger… you have people who transmog each new sword with their favorite model (same for other weps and armour). So I don’t know whether people would be bored really, as they already use transmogs a lot.

Also, how about the looks would change, like they did on the legendary weps you can get in WOW… Tarecgosa comes to mind. It changed from a rather small staff to a huge one, looking more and more powerful.
Now imagine that, at lvl 60, you get your legendary, and it levels with you, and every 5 levels or so, it becomes bigger, or gets a new light-effect, a different skin, a bigger hilt or blade, whatever…

I know one reason that would speak against this: The raiding-incentive. Why would people keep running heroics or raids if they already have their weapon?

Now, hear me out… what would be if, in order to get your wep to grow from a certain point, you have to kill certain bosses… a little bit like in the old days, with the weapon quests for Quel Serrar, where you had to fight Onyxia in order to complete the sword.

I don’t see a difference between running a raid every week, hoping for a lucky drop and lucky roll, and fighting raid bosses in order to get xp for their sword, to make it stronger.

For people who do not raid, how about the sword gets XP in PVP or heroics, but at a much slower pace. Or differently, so it might get, say, more secondary stats and stuff, while, from killing a certain amount of raid bosses, it can get more primary stat, more DPS, or extra gem slots…or even a cool enchant (“Blood Of The random raid boss”- the sword now has a chance to apply a poison to whatever you fight).

There is a LOT to think about… I think it COULD be balanced, and I think it could be something useable for both hardcore raiders AND casual players.
I love the idea of finally finding the basic version of your weapon, and then making it develop, using it all the time for it to gain stats, become stronger, more imposing, whatever… what do you think?

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