A reluctant return

09 Oct


Oh wow, it has been about a year and a half since I posted here, and I figured I give this blog another try.

I have started several WOW-blogs in the past, and usually, I gave up on them after a while because
a) I took one of my breaks from the game and of course didn’t post new articles during those
b) Was so busy with work that I couldn’t write new articles… then felt bad about that, and that made me feel even less discouraged.

Some people on the WOW insider comment sections encouraged me to give it another go, and I will… hopefully, even with my busy schedule, I can still post new stuff on a regular base, or prepare some posts in advance and schedule them for release.


So, what has happened within those last 17-18 months? I think the last status was that I was in the MOP beta. I was, and I did a bit of testing. I also kept raiding Dragon Soul with my guild, and then burned out on it, taking a WOW break, which, I think, was the longest I ever had… 5 months.

I returned about a month after the MoP release because I gave my girlfriend a Collectors Edition for her birthday. I didnt have much interest for trying out MoP, because I still didn’t “feel” the whole pandaren-thing, the martial art-jokes including Bruce Lee-voice emotes, the “no big enemy, this is about balance” type approach etc.

I actually still don’t. I can see why so many people enjoy the expansion, and I also saw a lot of people change their tune from “OMG, this is awesome” to “I dislike this expansion” (usually, in much less polite words).

However, after 8 years, I guess I can’t stop myself from returning to the game to check out new content, new mechanics, new areas. I am not all that active anymore, and stay away from end-game these days. I left my guild a few months ago (due to the good ol’ guild-drama), and am currently in a really small alt-guild that a good friend set up.
So I solo a lot of old content, do stuff like the Timeless Isle, some scenarios, dailies, and very rarely LFR.
However, I do keep track of the direction the game is headed to, read up a lot on news on WOW-blogs, the official WOW-site etc, and I do participate in WOW-discussions, like at WOW Insider.

Don’t get me wrong – I do still like the game. I have been playing it on and off for 8 years, have done all the aspects of the game (endgame raiding, loremaster, PvP, grinds, some RP etc.), and I know that not everyone can love every expansion.
I am actually quite excited about Blizzcon next month, and I can’t wait for the new expansion to be announced… who knows, it might re-ignite my love for the game. I know that nothing can bring back the feelings I felt early on…the mystery, the sense of discovering a whole game-world, the excitement of first raids etc, yet I know that I still feel at home in WOW, and I am grateful for all the fun times I had in that game.

So… join me for a bit, as I will write about all kinds of random WOW-topics… observations, changes, class discussions, all kinds of stuff. Hope you will enjoy it. =)

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