09 Oct


There is a lot of buzz about Hearthstone right now… the beta is happening in the US and the EU as well, and I got my invite about two weeks ago. I was quite excited about that, and installed it immediately.

After testing it for quite some time, I can say the following:
– The game is VERY well done. The presentation is very nice, with nice graphics, some funny or cute elements, and of course the great artwork of the cards themselves.
– There are balancing issues, but then again – OF COURSE there are. Whether it’s WOW itself, other MMOs or any new game, there are always some issues sometimes, and that’s what a beta is for. Rogues were recently fixed, and I guess with the input of all the testers, by the time it is released officially, the classes will be as close to balanced as possible. (Several MMO devs have commented many times on the fact that balancing is an ever-occuring issue in development, something they ALWAYS have to work on, even with a game that has been out for a long time… any change to, say, gear, level cap, classes itself can totally throw off the balance)

– I quit after about 2-3 days of trying the game. While I will say that the game is very well done, I also realize that it just isn’t for me. I have no idea why… the game SHOULD be fun for me, as there are so many great references, so many classic characters appearing, and there is a fun tactical element, which I always enjoy.
Yet, the game doesn’t capture me at all, unfortunately, and I cannot put my finger onto the reason why that is. Apparently, several of the WOW insider guys feel the exact same way… that the game is very well done and should be fun, but isn’t.
I guess I will have to use a “not my cup of tea card”, as I have never been much into TCG games, yet I wish the game WAS more…appealing to me. I won a few fights, lost a few, dabbled with different sets, purchased some cards, crafted some, but it never just PULLED me in…so I guess the bottom line is “Blizz, very well done, but in my case… Meh!” =)

I hope though that it will work out for Blizz and give all those players an enjoyable time. It certainly has the potential to do so, and who knows, maybe if I ever try it again, I might “get it”.

One word on a related issue though:
There is a new reward-mount that was datamined, the Hearthsteed. APPARENTLY (I am not sure whether there is an official post absolutely confirming this), you will get this steed if you do buy cards during the beta.

In reference to THIS BLOG-POST, it seems as if everyone will eventually have a chance to be in the beta (right now, it’s closed beta, and even though a lot of invites were sent out, not everyone who wants to can just join), and I sure hope that that is true.
If not, it would be highly unfair IMO to reward those that were just lucky enough to get an invite and bought cards, while others, who might just LOVE to get these mounts, can not as they can’t join the beta.

Don’t get me wrong – I did get my invite, I tested the game, I bought some cards, so I guess if those steeds really ARE a reward that works this way, I will get it. But I’d still consider it unfair if it turned out that not everyone has a fair chance of getting into the beta (say, during an open beta) and get themselves this mount.

Sure, you could say that that’s just the way it is, that some players never really had a chance to get, say, some of the mounts that dropped from raid bosses (like Invincible), but…they did and do. Even if they are not in a raiding guild doing heroic modes, every player theoretically can work on his gear and playing-skills, join such a guild and farm the boss until he or she gets the mount.

But putting a mount behind a wall like a closed beta would be rather unfair to those who care a lot about collecting mounts, so I do hope that eventually, everyone WILL be able to get in.

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