Two random thoughts about Pandaria

09 Oct


I mentioned before how I am still not sold on this expansion, don’t feel the “vibe” and theme of Pandaria, and wrote about Pandaren. So I made my point, and I don’t think it’d make sense to harp on this too much. Instead, I just wanted to write about two different MoP-related things that came to mind.

1. Sunsong Ranch

Now, I do like the concept of the Ranch. Yes, it’s a bit Farmville-like, but the basic idea, to have your own farm that allows you to farm the mats you need, whether it’s ore, enchanting mats, motes of harmony etc…that comes in quite handy.
I mentioned before that I am a certified altoholic, so I have 10 90s at the moment, and all of those DO farm… it is a nice way to generate a steady income in game, allows me to craft pretty much everything I need (enchants, some weps, some armour, bags, food, etc).

Now, I am not gonna complain about it being kinda dull to have to plant, till and farm on that many chars every day, as a) it’s my choice to do so and b) it pays off.

But: I wish there were some options to make it more convenient, as I think that at this point, almost a year after release, many people farm with more than one char, and the initial fun in this new mechanic wore off.
So – while the plow and the bug killing and plant-watering tools are nice, I wish there was some way to make it quicker. Here are my ideas:

A. If we can buy a rather expensive scarecrow, why does it not prevent those hawks to appear on some plants? Make them a bit more expensive if you need to, but let us purchase them, set them up (maybe put in a barrier like “farm 200 plants before you can buy this”) and they will prevent the “alluring” debuff on plants…or chase away the hawk that spawns when you click that plant. I have no idea how many of these I had to kill by now.

B. Give us a mechanic (again, maybe after a treshold like a certain amount of plants planted, if necessary, so those that just got their farm can still do the “fun thing” and kill vermin, hawks etc.) that allows us to mass-kill those vermins or prevent them from appearing.

C. If we made friends among the tillers, so0me of them best friends, and you have some characters like Cho standing around on your farm (doing nothing, but looking very watchful… was there ever a plan to have her do something useful that was abandoned by the devs maybe?), why not enable us to PAY these to take care of the plants.
Imagine you plant those seeds, and you have, uhm… 3 alluring ones, 2 vermin-infested, 5 runted, 3 parched, 3 with weeds on them.
How about you use your watering-system, the bug-dispenser, use your scarecrow to get rid of the hawks…and then pay one of your “friends” to take care of the others?
Again, I am not asking for easy hand-outs. Make it expensive if needed, like some kind of work-contract you have to purchase, or a daily fee, or a quest line unlocking this, but if we hire a “farmhand” (it’s even a quest), why can’t they actually HELP with the chores of farming on a daily base?

I am aware that not everyone is as crazy as I am, farming on ten chars (and once I get my 11th char to 90, he prolly will too), but if there are some mechanics already that make it faster and smoother, why not go all the way? Harvesting, plowing, planting already takes some time, so give us an option (either for money, a long questline or a treshold like a certain amount of plants harvested before we can access it) to make it less of a daily bor… pardon me, chore, and have our “best friends” help us, even if we pay for it.

Topic 2: When I was young…


Nope, not talking about the old days. I am talking about the quest dealing with the old seer you help up the mountain… who turns out to be the last emperor of Pandaria.
I mentioned how I just don’t “feel” this expansion. It doesn’t “click” with me, and I don’t care for the story, lore and events of this expansion all that much… no point in going into further details right now, BUT:

I have to say that the end of this questline, to me, was one of the VERY FEW really cool, touching moments of this expansion. Helping up that seer, who talks about his youth, is grateful that you help him get up to the peak, and then he starts to remember that he was Emperor… when that moment kicks in, some heroic music starts playing, his voice and appearance change, and it still is a goosebump-moment for me.
I have done this quest on pretty much all of my 90s, and it’s one of my favorite questing moments in game (kinda sad to think that in Wrath there were so many more moments like that, and even Cata, which wasn’t my favorite expansion either, had some of these)
Just sayin’, you know =)

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