Account-wide crafting?

12 Oct


A new Community Blog Topic-thread has popped up over at WOW Insider, this time asking about whether we would like to see account-wide professions.

Right now, and of course you know this, you can pick two crafting or gathering primary professions per char, so if you eg. take enchanting and tailoring on one char, but also want to be able to smelt ore and craft some PVP plate- or mail-armour, you will need to use one of your alts and have him learn THOSE professions.

While this seem inconvenient, especially for those who only really play one character and don’t WANT to level alts, I would hate for this to change. The idea of being able to have your main learn ALL the crafting- and gathering-professions might sound nice to some, but tbh, I think it wouldn’t work all that well.

Why? First of all, and this might be a minor-thing, but- those professions give you certain bonusses. As an enchanter, you can enchant your rings. As a tailor, you can add gem-slots to your bracers and gloves. As a leatherworker or scribe, you have extra-strong enchants for some of your gear.

Now, of course, not everyone needs those, but those who do play on the cutting edge, the hardcore-raiders or people aiming for world-firsts DO use those in order to squeeze every possible benefit out of their gear. If ALL professions were trainable to them at the same time, they might be required to master them all… which is quite expensive, both regarding money and time.

Also, it might (and I might be wrong there, yes) balancing issues. You’d have players with all those extra strong enchants they get from all their professions, and on the other hand, players who don’t want to level all those professions and therefore wouldn’t have access to all of those.

While this might seem like a minor reason to NOT like the idea of account-wide professions, there also is the economy, which IMO would suffer from everyone having all professions.
Yes, it might sound selfish, but I DO benefit from people who only play a char or two and don’t want to level alts to cover all professions. I craft and sell enchants, mats (trillium bars, living steel etc.), buff food, gems etc. I also sell stuff other players need for their crafting.

Even if it would still require quite some time, if too many players have all the professions, the economy will suffer. There are people who love to craft stuff and sell it to others, and if everyone could craft their stuff themselves, there’d be less need to buy it.

Yes, you prolly would still be able to sell stuff that people need to level their professions, and not everyone would use all their professions at all… I know several people who raid and don’t even have ONE profession leveled up.

I think it would cause quite a lot of problems, and even though I know these days it’s all about convenience, making everything available and accessible for everyone, it would cause quite a change to the economy, and that might be a risky thing, because the economy is shaky anyway… even messed up, according to many players.

I am aware that, if this system WAS implemented, some people would still buy on the AH…those that arent into leveling their professions, or those that do, but are either too busy or too lazy to gather the actual mats they need, but still – even if the economy is messed up right now, allowing everyone to craft and gather everything on all their chars would mean less need to trade and maybe even interact with others (to buy mats, enchants etc.), and I am one of those people who LIKE to trade and earn money by providing people with the things they need to enjoy the game.

You have to make a choice about which professions you take, and after you did, you have to rely on others to sell you the mats you need (or use an alt). While sometimes, that isnt fun (like prizes for certain things sky-rocketing due to a new patch or whatever), it is a system that still works, and there are people who love the trading-game…. I do, and I definitely don’t think WOW needs account-wide professions.

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