And finally…the 11th level 90

12 Oct


I guess I reached a personal milestone… I had some time this afternoon, and so I decided to finally get my priest to level 90 (he was at 87).

I am not sure whether I mentioned that I am not a big fan of the questing in Pandaria. Jade Forest is a nice zone, and the VOTFW is ok as well, but I find KLS, Dread Wastes and ESPECIALLY Townlong Steppes to be quite dull and boring. (KLS has some nice parts, like Mount Neverest and the Province up north, but is mostly bland).
It’s odd, because leveling a pile of alts through an expansion never bothered me. In fact, in Wrath, I always enjoyed it. Even when, a few months ago, I leveled a monk from 1-90, I loved getting to NR finally.
Even in Cata, leveling was ok, even though I didnt care much for Uldum and its gazillion cutscenes, or Twilight Highland.

Townlong is totally dull, and if you look at the MoP-Artwork book that comes with the Collectors Edition, there is no concept art for TLS in there at all, as if they didnt have any and just recolored some old design.

But all that’s ok, as now, I have a 90 of each class, and won’t ever quest through MoP again (since I don’t plan on starting another account).

With the Timeless Isle and some crafted gear, the priest was at ilvl 490 or so 10 minutes after dinging 90, so yes, the alt-gearing does work quite well. What a turnaround from early MoP, when it seemed as if Blizz for some reason wanted to discourage alts.

Sooooo… yay, a little milestone was reached, and now there is a 90 of each class. Bye bye MoP-leveling =)

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