Community Blog Topic: Whats your endgame?

22 Oct


The fine people at Wow Insider started a new COmmunity Blog Topic, this time asking “What is your endgame“?

This year, it’s quite different from all those years before. I mentioned that I quit my guild after guild-drama, and have no interest right now to join another, as it was a huge disappointment to have that going on after feeling so comfy in that guild and helping to build a raid-team.

I have my chars in an alt-guild a friend started, and usually stick to myself. So what do I do, now that all my chars are 90? (I guess leveling my alts was part of my end-game… in Wrath, Cata and MoP I always leveled all my chars to cap…unfortunately, it was quite a drag this time around, even with the XP-changes in 5.3)

– Money. I like to craft, and earn money. I watch the market a bit. I dont go out of my way to create crazy expensive items or anything, I don’t “play the AH” (as in buying underprized items to sell them for higher prizes).
I do use my farm, I use all the crafting skills to craft stuff like trillium bars, living steel, enchants, gems, and slowly but surely, my money counter is going up. Another reason why I’d dislike “account wide professions”… I wrote about that.

– I occasionally do LFR. Mainly to see the encounters, earn a bit of VP or some gear. I really dont like the attitude in vibe in most LFRs, so I am not doing this strictly every week. Is fun to gear up my chars a bit, even though I don’t really get to USE that gear as I dont raid (call me weird, but I’d prefer to raid with a guild, so I am not into PUG-raiding and stay away from Flex… as I said, for some weird reason, right now, I like to be a loner in game)

– I try new things, such as new specs. I have played the DK quite a bit in Wrath, even raided Naxx with him in blood spec (when that was still a DPS spec), yet never tanked on him (while having tanked on the warrior and pally in the past). This time around, I found out that I really enjoy blood DK-tanking, and so I experiment with it, use it in PUGs, the Timeless Isle, scenarios whatever. Recently, in HoF, I tanked the empress because both tanks quit right before the fight, so I changed spec and gear and did that.
Also, I currently like to play the DK as a DPS, in frost spec. FOr some reason, my main, the druid, isnt that much fun in balance spec, so I use him for achievements, yet when I feel like doing loads of DPS just for fun, I pick the DK.

– I run old content or go for some achievements… farming rep with the Cenarion Circle or Hydraxian Waterlords, picking up transmog gear in old raids, enjoying the old school vibe in places like AQ.

Basically, my endgame right now is being in game, earning a bit of money, trying out some new things, and keeping track of the changes to the game while waiting for the expansion to end.
I have no idea whether Ill return to a guild or get into raiding again, but right now, I just wait for MoP to end and am quite excited to see what the next expansion will bring. I know that nothing will ever bring back the enjoyment and feeling of mystery I felt in vanilla or WOTLK, but maybe a new expansion with a different theme and story will make me want to be more involved again and actually be a part of the story again… right now, I am just standing on the sideline, watching the main events =)

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