Time-travelling next expansion? Some random thoughts…

22 Oct


It’s only a few more weeks until Blizzcon, and of course, there is a lot of speculation about the next expansion.

Right now, quite a few people believe that the weekly quest on the Timeless Isle, which sends you into the SoO-raid to witness some sequences, hints at time-travelling.


We see a corrupted version of Stormwind, with all the leaders impaled along the walls. We also see a bronze drake die in the Caverns of Time.

The question is, is there a connection to the next expansion? Are these hints hinting at time-travel, more focus on the bronze dragonflight?

That got me thinking a lot, and here are some random thoughts about this:

– What if the next expansion would involve quite a lot of time-travelling? Not only in instances (like we had in TBC, Wrath and Cata), but…say you go to different eras or alternate time-streams like you go to zones?
Imagine the corrupted SW isn’t a “if you hadnt been there, SW would look like this by now” type thing…imagine we’d go there, to a dark, torn, corrupted and crazy Stormwind, controlled by evil or with lots of crazy people inhabiting it (well, if you check out trade chat, lots of crazy people around all day long, but you know what I mean).
A dystopian, dark, corrupted SW, where you’re not a hero, but you try to blend in to accomplish certain goals… I know, has been done before a lot in books and movies, but not in WOW yet, and it sure sounds better than another continent appearing from out of nowhere, or portals to a new planet.

– Imagine being able to see legendary places in the past? The time described in the “Dawn Of The Aspect” novels that were recently published… the time when the Aspects were chosen, after killing Galakrond in Northrend.
Now… next year is WOW’s 10th birthday. The next expansion will most likely be released that year. Imagine that, for their 10th anniversary, you get to visit those places you read about, or visit them in the past. We have known Stromgarde ever since the game began…imagine visiting it in its heyday, many centuries ago.
Imagine seeing iconic moments like Lothar’s death at Blackrock Mountain… the war of the Three Hammers.. the Quiraj-wars we saw part of in the quests that opened AQ?

The possibilities are endless, and my point is: What about, when WOW turns 10, there was an expansion involving time travel and a “Best of WOW”, with many moments and events from WOWs past being revisited in the context of time-travels in a new expansion?

It wouldnt have to be ancient history only. What if we met ourselves (please try to ignore the good old thing about the continuum and what may happen if you change the past), like we did in the insanely cool quests in the Bronze Dragonshrine in Dragonblight, where we met ourselves in a lvl80-version, and later we meet ourselves in a lower-level-version?

Imagine some of our deeds messed up the timestream, and we have to change them a little? We see iconic events such as the fall of the LK, this time as an observer or someone who needs to help make it happen or stop it from being corrupted or changed.

I love the idea of a “Best of WOW”, with us seeing a lot of legendary places and events again, whethers its stuff we only heard about or read about… or more recent things from recent expansions.

Or it could be Vash’jr and the Emerald Dream :b

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