Community Blog Topic: Scaling

27 Oct


The Community Blog Topic at Wow Insider this week is about a possible new thing in development: Scaling high level chars to lower level content.
Question is: Do we want this?

It really depends on how it is done. What I would not really like:
– Scaling us automatically and without giving us a choice, depending on where we are. I think I remember that in GW2, if you enter a lower level zone, you get scaled down. I don’t think that this would be much fun, really. Leveling in WOW these days isn’t much of a challenge, it just takes a lot of time. If you go to a lower zone just to farm some mats or, say, work on Loremaster, I don’t think that’d be fun for most people, even if you get, say, more money from quests or a chance on drops you can use at 90.

– Scaling to lower level instances. A lot of players, whether its casual or not, like to solo old content for transmog gear or certain achievements. I recently went for some ICC achievements with my gf. Sure, if you are in a busy and active guild, maybe it’d be fun to enter ICC and get scaled down as a full raid, but I think the rewards would have to be appropriate, as in, again useable gear for your max level.

I am pretty sure there will be a HUGE outcry if the scaling was NOT optional.

Now, if it IS optional, I can think of some fun uses:
– I hated (!!) leveling all my chars through Pandaria. I just dont like the continent, the vibe, the theme. If I could have had a choice to scale down and level from 80-90 in Northrend or some Cata zones… Id have loved it. Im a big fan of NR, and being able to level there to cap if you make that choice would be wonderful. Just not sure whether everyone would like it.

– It might be fun to revisit old raids, just to experience them at least a bit like they were. YUp, all the classes and mechanics are now totally different. Also, if you scale down…do you lose all abilities you have at cap? I would think that that would be necessary, otherwise everyone would wanna do the lower level content with scaled-down 90s only.

– Again, in order for it to be enticing, they’d have to make it worht our while. A lot of people wouldnt care about revisiting MC and play it at the appropriate level, as it has the nickname “Molten Bore” for a reason.
But imagine this:
– You can loot gear that is at, say, flex level (or a bit lower), looks like the original gear, but once you leave the raid or instance, they scale to your level. So… you raid MC with a raid of scaled down 90s, you win a classical weapon from a classical boss. It has the original look, but it scales to your level… so you have, I dunno, a level 90 version of a Blackwing Lair weapon.

Two caveats:
-Theyd have to be weaker versions, maybe at LFR-level or slightly above. Otherwise… why run the most recent raids with all their gazillion mechanics and difficulty, when you can earn the same gear in a scaled Molten Bore, right?
Maybe lower the chance for gear drop, drop a bit more VP or something.

Caveat 2: Thinking about all this… I doubt it will get to that point, as it prolly would be an incredibly huge workload for the devs to make all that scaling (of chars AND GEAR you loot) work.

Still fun to think about it. I’d like to raid Kara again with some friends and scaled down… but only if it was optional. I think a lot of players love to be able to solo this stuff, and I’d HATE for that to be taken away.
Just keep it optional please

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