Warlords of Draenor: Random thoughts

10 Nov


There we go then: The new expansion of WOW was announced.
The surprise (if there was one, after all the trademark was found out about a week ago) was kinda spoiled by the pre-opening videos, as one featured Dave Kosak sitting in front of the new WOW logo… with the title of the expansion. So minutes before the big opening, we already knew what the deal was.

So…what do I think?
I am cautiously curious and I do look forward. I am not ecstatic or anything… I think at this point, that wouldn’t be possible, because this will be the fifth expansion pack I see being added, and I like to be cautious about looking forward. After all, Cataclysm sounded very exciting, but turned out to be less fun than most of us expected… a lot of people consider it possibly the worst expansion so far.

I was a bit surprised by the theme and setting of WoD… after all, now we go back to Draenor, travelling back in time. It seems as if Blizzard had quite a few problems explaining this concept in a logical way. Too many people seem to wonder about continuity and going back in time, without moving actually forward.

It doesn’t bother me much, really… if you are TOO nit-picky about, say, the effects of time-travelling in a FANTASY GAME, you might ruin the game for yourself quickly. So I am fine with that aspect, really.
I will hopefully be able to blog about details like the HUGE changes to items, stats, the new garrison-concept, etc.
So far: I am looking forward. I hope the expansion won’t be TOO much filled with only orcs and ogres. In the previews, we saw areas just FILLED with these two races (OK, plus Draenei), and while that does make sense considring its Draenor, I would think it was rather dull if 90% of the mobs we fight are just orcs and ogres.
Also, I am NOT too happy about Garrosh triggering the whole thing. Garrosh, to me, has become a very one-dimensional character throughout MoP, and I was actually happy he was beaten and jailed.
Seeing him being the one who actually starts the story of the expansion (and who knows how much he will be involved in the story) isn’t exactly something I consider a great idea, but thats ok as well!

I will be glad to finally leave Pandaria, as I still don’t “feel” the vibe and story of this continent and its people, and I do look forward to going back to Draenor, seeing it before it was devastated, and maybe seeing the end (or beginning) of some the things we know from TBC.

So…let’s wait and see how this turns out!

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