Lucky looter

16 Nov

Yes…it finally dropped. Actually, a lot of people would prolly laugh at me saying “finally”, as I have read reports of people having to kill Onyxia 160+ times. I read that the dropchance was slightly increased a few patches ago, but still… altogether, it took 61 kills across my 11 90s (of course, I didn’t count kills of the old lvl 60 version).

Fascinating moment too… I was just sitting there, doing my weekly “doublefarm-routine”: Harvesting and planting at the farm on each char, then flying to the Shrine, porting to Dal, porting to the Caverns of Time, flying to Gadgetzan, taking a gryph to Mudsprocket, fly over to the Lair, kill Onyxia, hearth back.

Once you have done it a few times, it gets quite fast. Anyway, I didn’t even CONSIDER it might drop. I went there with my shadow-priest (6th char of the 90s I do this with), and suddenly, there it was.
I love this mount, not only because it is one of the nicest looking dragon-mounts with unique colors and “decorations” (the fins etc.)… even though it didnt drop of “old Onyxia”, it sure has that classic vibe as it is related visually to one of THE most iconic raid bosses.

Anyway… sixty-one kills, so if you are farming for this mount too… don’t give up!!

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